Masters Class

Attendees are from world class organizations including ADP, Arla, Autodesk, Avaya, Dell, EMC, SAP,, Urban Outfitters, and Governments. Over 70% made a new career in corporations, governments including a director for the Obama 2012 campaign or started their own business. S3 Academy educated nearly 5,000 from 35 countries.

Featured Programs

Social Media Master Program

Social media strategy development, hands on experience with tools and working on an enterprise level project case.


Buzz Marketing Master

Creating high impact Buzz campaigns, that drive massive awareness, grow mentions and increase reach for products, brands, events


Corporate Training Programs

Company specific education with business objective specific social media strategy development, Channel engagement or CX programs.

Single Online Lessons $49 each

In addition to the certification classes, we are offering the 20 most important lessons individually for $49 each.

Online lessons $49 each