Acquiring Guidance Through The Leadership Class

I attended the Social Media Academy’s leadership class in May/June and want to share my experience with some people who might still be on the fence. My advice: Take it.

Aside from the network of all the great people I met through SMA, the specifics that I learned in class, what I value most is the grounding this course gives you in all things social media.

I have been following social media somewhat closely over the last few years. I knew about Jet Blue’s success on Twitter, the Scobelizer, about Dell’s, about companies relinquishing (or loosing) control; anecdotes as in the good, the bad and the ugly. So, while I was learning more and more about social media, I also felt more and more overwhelmed by its many facets. After having completed the leadership class, I feel much better about my ability to quickly understand the essence and importance of what is going on, asses the hype from the truly new and innovative, and use that knowledge in my daily job. I can’t think of any other way for me to gain a similar education in such short time. I only wish there were a refresher class 12 months from now for past attendees. After all, this space moves incredibly fast. If Web2.0 changes short-time business campaigns into ongoing conversations, maybe academy’s have to change from offering one-time classes into building regular updates into their curriculum.

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