As an Alumni …

one hopes you learned all that you enrolled for — but in this case the Social Media Academy far exceeded my expectations. Yes I have plenty of business experience and felt this would be a key update to my portfolio. I have a history of staying on the cutting edge and helping others make effective strides with their business practices by providing practical and sound, yet innovative advice. Little did I know how pronounced the information would be or how the SOMA experience would shape my own corporate objectives for the future. .

The Social Media Academy Leadership Class took my well greased tenure and opened it up to a whole new world and taught me the new corporate dynamics currently in play. I honed in a completely new skill set and was challenged each week as my “old school” thought processes had to be overcome through the excercises and home work assignments. It brought me completely up to date on how to win in the early 21st century and a new school of thought to get there. I had no idea I was so antiquated with my approach — yet quickly grasped the methodologies and strategies defined so well by the staff and cirriculum.

Most important of all are the results I’m now manifesting in the real world after graduating and my ability to truely help others understand the new framework and how to apply this to their business. If you want true creditability this Academy is your answer.

Laureen Earnest – My XeeSM


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