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The Social Media Academy, based on my experience with their webinar course, teaches social networking not just from the standpoint of Twitter and Facebook, but from how a business should be run. I have enjoyed Axel sharing his work experience as context for new ways of doing business vs. old.

Much of marketing has evolved with analytics and techniques such as direct marketing have proved their worth to generate ROI in the past. However, many large corporations such as the big FMCGs have relied so much on layers of agencies, analytics and supply chains that they have lost the true connection with the user.

Now is an opportunity for these large businesses to essentially get back to the basics of relationship building with customers who are listening to ads less and less. The Social Meia Academy does a good job not only of presenting theory, but also practical application and commercial rationale.

Social Networking is presented properly not as an easy way out, but a new way of doing business that can save on operating costs IN ADDITION to generating sustained present and future sales.

The need for businesses to change is a significant underlying theme (businesses tend not to like change) and we are in early staging adoption. The course covers how to sell these new ideas into business as part of the change process.

Rick Speciale
Networking: XeeSM


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