Social Media Competence is the New Business Imperative

Run out and get the July-August issue of Harvard Business Review. More than half the articles will tell you that the business climate has taken on a NEW NORMAL that businesses cannot ignore. We are not going back to business as usual after the recession. In fact, getting out of the recession and surviving in the future require the same thing.

What you will learn from the Hagel, Seeley-Brown and Davison article is that successful businesses will be social media savvy and incorporate this into the ways they interact with customers, employees, stakeholders, partners and the world. These are not social media gurus you might suspect are puffing up their own feathers. They are heavy weight business thought leaders. Same with the other papers that make it clear that people and businesses need to adapt. As Hagel, Seeley-Brown and Davison make clear, it takes Social Media woven into the fabric of business.

Still not convinced! Read the June issue of Wired magazine (this you can get online).

Now here is the rub, learning to use social media to foster the type of changes in business models and relationships won’t happen on its own. It will take consultants and managers who have broad knowledge of emerging business strategy and social media.

I became involved in the development and launch of the Social Media Academy because I shared with Axel Schultze the founder, that there would be a growing need an institution that could provide just this blend of education. Now, six months later, when I look at the content for our Leadership Class, I know we are on the right track. Take your own look at the course outline. This Link

The Harvard Business Review and Wired magazine message are just more of an increasingly strong message to the business community – Social Media competence is not a new gimmick, it is the new imperative.

If you want to learn more about how the Social Media Academy can help you gain this competence, I suggest you attend the next free introductory webinar on July 10th.

Register on the Academy website: Social Media

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