Social Media Skill Set for New Consulting Role

I recently completed the Social Media Academy summer 09 business leadership and social media strategy class. I was a little hesitant about the class at first. There are so many “supposed” experts and classes online that it was difficult to wade through the swamp to high ground.

But I did pick the right organization to get the education I was looking for. The original webinar presentation was very helpful as well as the availability of Axel Schultze to answer questions. I liked the test-in process and the personal interviews that were done. I felt like I had ample time and ability to vet the organization, but they also checked me out to make sure that I was getting the knowledge I was looking for. I was worried I would meet the criteria with enough prior experience.

My expectation of the class was to get a sound methodology to help in my creation of a new consulting practice that focused on the B2B companies and how they should use social media in the new economy. I actually left my prior job to ensure that I could focus on this course and put enough time into the homework, explore all areas that were discussed, and really take the time to make personal connections with others in the class. I am glad I did that because I need all the time and then some. If I had to provide some criticism here it would be that we had so much information to absorb, an extra week or two for homework, or go over some of the tricker sections would have been nice. Those with full time postions I know struggled more than me. This was no breeze through fluff course.

The class did meet and exceed my expectations. About half way through the class, I had a client meeting about a social media strategy. Axel made himself available by phone to “coach” me through this meeting as I was not sure of myself at that point. In the past week since the class ended, I have had 3 meetings regarding social media strategy for various size firms. I feel incredible confident talking about my business approach to social media and the clients I meet with have confidence in me.

I am ready to take another class with SOMA! I am sure it will enhance my credibility with the types of organizations I would like to do business with.

Wendy Soucie


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