Webinar: Citrix Webex – a Social Media Case study.

It was great to have so many attendees in the webinar. Thank you very much for joining us.
Special thanks to all members of the leadership class Summer 2009 who performed this exercise and webinar using the assessment methods from the Academy, researching Citrix and Webex as a social media case study.
Team A – Social Media Customer Assessment

Barbara Daniels
Wendy Soucie
Matson Sparling

Team B Social Media Brand Assessment

Catherine Sherwood
Matthias Beckman
Lyn-Dee Eldridge

Team C Social Media Partner Assessment

Lisa Rob
Mark Eldridge
Nany Chou

Team C Social Media Competitive Assessment

Elsom Eldridge
Mark Moore
Susan Rice Lincoln
Steve Gasser

Questions from the webinar please find on this blog post.

We love to get your feedback about the webinar, the good and the bad.
Please share your point of view and comments.
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Listen to the podcast of the Social Media Assessment Case Study


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