Experiental project “A social product launch”

This is an experiment and we invite product managers, marketers and entrepreneurs to join if you are interested.

Product launch exclusively through social media?

Xeequa (no it’s not on their website yet) plans to launch a new software product exclusively through social media. No advertising, no mail shots, no PR none of the traditional promos.
The focus will be entirely on conversations, introductions, word of mouth, group interaction, the whole nine yard.

This is not a just a launch campaign but integrates
– the pre beta co-creation phase
– support and service components
– awareness creation
– social media reporting including sentiment analysis
– even price and business model discussion

We all trust it is the better way – but only time will tell.

Do you want to be part of it?
You can either join the group as “spactator” and simply watch what is going on or as an “actor” and actively engage, discuss, contribute help and lear as we all learn from each other.
We believe this is the first co-created product luanch.

If you like to join the experiment: Just say so in the comment and share your social credentials via your XeeSM. If you don’t have a XeeSM, please set one up http://xeesm.com.

Axel Schultze Axel Schultze XeeSM.com/AxelS


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  1. axel takes another dramatic step into the social / viral mix. not only is xeesm.com a potentially valuable integration tool, it's introduction via only social sites will tell us a lot about the kinds of things that create 'viral' and how these ideas spread. looking forward to participating. — kpb

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