Organization models for social media

Thank you to all who joined us during our webinar today. We hope you walked away from it with ideas and information to bring the very best to your business.

Organization models for social media
What is a good organization model for a mid size company, implementing a social media engagement strategy?- How one person can make a difference in an SMB organization!


How can a “social media campaign” actually be successful if the rest of the company does business as usual? Many social media “strategies” are really just some tactical ideas with little impact to the business success. Consultants get fired and careers stale due to some basic lack of understanding. A company with more than 20 people need to think through the organizational implications.

This webinar shall give you the foundation and the most important insight to to setup a good organization model to successfully engage with customers, prospects, new customers and partners through social media.


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  1. This was a great webinar. Thanks a lot for sharing the presentation. The "Key methodologies" slide rocks!

  2. I love the tips on this site, they are always to the point and just the information I was looking for. Its hard to find good content these days in the world of spam and garbage sites.

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