How to get more Twitter follower

I came across this question about 5 million times. But just recently with the enormous growth of Twitter I thought I rewrite my old list a bit:

1) Ask yourself WHY you want the followers.
You can use tools to get a large number but it is like going to a junk yard to get a lot of things for “free” just to have it? Clearly you want connections and sell your things and what have you but if you spend just a tiny bit of time and think – you get a great network at the end. If not you will do so in 2 years and hate yourself for wasting time and resources.

Now the good stuff:

2) Be approachable
One of the most valuable suggestions from all experienced Twitterer: Let everybody and his dog know where you are. That is actually not only Twitter but LinkedIn, Facebook and the rest: You find me at
Have your social footprint on any feedback, any comment, any email signature, business card… absolutely anywhere. The rest is gravy.

3) Follow interesting conversations
If you find stupid stuff on Twitter it is ONLY because you follow stupid people. Great topics lead to great conversations, lead to more great people… you get the idea. Following interesting conversations means following interesting people.

The toughest part for a business person is not to sell. Even the most experience fall back into the sales trap. I started in 2007 and now over 2 years later I still find myself in the trap once in a while.

5) Be YOU
You are an individual with a personal and a business side, with a family and a hobby side. All those different topics catch different people and that way you grow your network.

6) Be controversial
Through in stuff people like to discuss – not just consume. Gets you around, forwarded (retweeted) and in the talk – more connections.

7) There are tools like Twollow
It helps to listen to interesting topics while you are not online and follows those people. If your previous conversations is interesting to them as well, they may follow you too. So you get some followers automatically – but you need to review as many twitter spammer just through in key words like ROI, CEO or so to get people to their porn pages. Yeph already spam here too.

8) Conversation Mix
Create a good mix of your own opinion (tweets) and retweets from other interesting people – try to always provide links to the respective sites.

9) Use Search
You can search for topics, names, titles and just connect and converse. A good way to grow your network.

10) Don’t trust any tips (not even mine)
You will want to create your own identity. So all the great tips from great people are those they felt OK for themselves. Tweeple are individuals and we like individuals – so forget all the good advice and tweet away :-)

Ohh you hoped to get tips for tools that just adds up followers over night? So sorry. You may look at or so.

And here is the “advanced version for business people” on Customer Think



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  1. Hi there, been visiting your website frequently and admire what you have done very much. Though, if I am truthful, I am somewhat green with envy of your rankings in Google ;) you are ahead of me all the time lol. I have a comparatively new site, and hope you don’t mind me asking, but would you use the method they discuss here? I have been, and been getting pretty good results so far, but just curious what else to do in terms of link building and promotion. I know it’s bold to ask, but can you advocate anything? Thank you.

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