Face to Face – or virtual connections

Just recently I was part of an interesting discussion. My friend “Joe” (name is changed by the author) just didn’t want to even know about that impersonal online world.
I said:
If I can’t find you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or see anything from you on YouTube or any other places, I just don’t know anything about you. If I Google you I have no way of getting to know you. I couldn’t even find a website. The only way is a phone call or F2F – like in the old days. You are NOT approachable. Doing business with you is very hard at this stage.

He said “That’s OK as long as I know enough about YOU” *smiling*

I continued:
Now – imagine you write a blog about your subject matter expertise and this blog is easy to find. You have a few photos from you and your family on Facebook, you tell the world you love Australian Syras and be a mountain biker, your two month old daughter does a new trick and on and on and on.

Now assume you announce to call me and want to propose some business. You let me know all about you by sharing your sites.
This very first call has a dynamic you never experienced before – I promise you. Because also you checked me out. Found out I have 4 kids, love to sail also like wine – but Bordeaux, you see me on a tour driving 10,000 miles with my wife in our Jeep coast to coast and back…

The stiff and uncomfortable “professional” business introduction will take a very different turn right from the get go…

He wasn’t so sure if this is all so important

I added:
Assume I have an alternative contact and connect with somebody I know all about and it feels like I know him already very well. Don’t you see your competitive disadvantage?

BINGO – that was the trigger. Hello LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – you just got yourself a new user.

Clearly – there is no substitute for Face to Face meetings and phone calls – but it’s a waste of time and just way too risky to have a first meeting just to find out who the other person is. The best way to introduce each other is online – getting the full picture and being APPROACHABLE.



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  1. Face to Face is great! I love living and working that way. But as a virtual assistant, I can save so much time and money for clients by meeting and doing business with and for them online. Social media helps fill in the outline of who I am.

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