It’s not bragging if you can back it up.

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) once said: It’s not bragging if you can back it up.  Jason Kincaid posted a blog in TechCrunch about Social Media Education and the start of a new media school. The post has around 68 comments – and I cannot resist to brag about the comments from the Social Media Academy alumni about their Leadership class experience in the Social Media Academy. Here is what they say:

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DELL, success story or flop?

“DELL makes millions on Twitter” how cool is that. OK sounds cool and as a social media guy I can take a success story any time. But this one? Not so sure.

What is it what DELL does? They give out promo codes that are only available in Twitter to get a discount for your next DELL. Is that a “social media marketing campaign” – it looks like but it has nothing to do with social media. It is one of those very unfortunate stories. It has nothing to do with social. It has nothing to do with conversation, it has nothing to do with dialog between business and their customers, there is no collaboration or sharing – all there is is a stupid discount campaign that was moved from traditional media to social media.

Why is it bad?

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Business Week sold for $5 Million

Another victim killed by advertising cancer
It was one of the most respected business magazines. It was sold because the rapidly decreasing advertising revenue could not cover the cost, loosing $20 Million a year. The “Advertising Cancer” killed another victim.

When will publishers understand that it is not the Internet that killed the publisher but their business model. If publishers kept their original model of “Aggregation and distribution of independent content” the Internet would have been a blessing as publishers now could distribute that well researched independent content FASTER AND LESS EXPENSIVE through the Internet.

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Empower your Channel Partners with Social Media

Empowering Channel Partners with Social Media. An interesting presentation from Mike Dubrall, Gilwell Group on how vendors can help their partners to quickly understand social media and leverage the new ways of keeping in touch with their customers.


Education, Certification & Democratization Of Knowledge

There has been a lot of discussions recently about the social media education and certification programs and who has the “right” to certify. I think at the end of the day the concern is understandable. Too many people with too many opinion and too many people who claim to have the knowledge or don’t need a certain knowledge.

As one of the leading institutes we’d like to help people think through those topics before you signup with any education – including our own.
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Conflicting business social media reports open opportunities

The only thing certain about surveys of the business use of social media is that the trend is UP.

While Citibank recently foundCitibank Survey Reveals Small Businesses Not Joining Social Media Conversation” the opposite was true in Asia according to report in the Singapore Straits Times.

According to the Citibank survey of 500 small business executives across the United States:

  • 76% have not found social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to be helpful in generating business leads or for expanding their business during the last year; while
  • 86% say they have not used social networking sites to get business advice or information.

On the other hand “Asian firms go big on Twitter and Facebook” declares the Singaporean article which reported that usage of social media marketing by Asian businesses included these stats:

  • Singapore 72% had a presence on social media platforms such as YouTube or Twitter; of these,
  • 79% had a presence on Facebook;
  • 80% of those polled planned to put a larger proportion of their marketing budget towards social media marketing in the future; another
  • 87% of the key marketing managers and executives at these companies already had accounts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Social CRM – a dead end?

I just read a few articles about sCRM. One was a post on a blog where the blog doesn’t allow comments (very social). The other was talking about Ajax enabled technology that revolutionizes CRM (OMG) and yet another one described the advantage of getting Twitter streams and Facebook wall entrances all feed into the CRM system for better customer information (yes more data). Another system suggest that it takes everything a sales person ever needs so they never have to leave their CRM system (wow – how about leaving the company to actually deal with the customer?). The worst are the ones who still promote the “low touch sales model”. Automation is still the big word. Didn’t we automate already to death so that the customer doesn’t want to speak with us any longer?
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