Certification Program 2010

The Leadership class 2010 will be augmented by an all new Social Media Masters class. Both, the Leadership Class as well as the Masters Class will lead to the “Certified Social Media Strategist”.

Master Class
While the Leadership Class remains to be the standard education program for business people and consultants who have basic experience in social media, the Masters Class is designed for highly experienced social media consultants who want to expand and deepen their expertise with the Social Media Academy methodologies including the “Four Quadrant Assessment Model”, “Strategy Hexagon”, “NCP-Model”, “ROI-Model” and other models developed by the Academy.

Attendees for the Masters Class have to have experience in at least 3 social media projects and have to understand the foundation of social media as well as the available tools and platforms. The Masters Class is a 3 week intense program to learn about the methodologies and being able to collaborate with other consultants and social media executi8ves using those models in their social media initiatives.


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