It’s not bragging if you can back it up.

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) once said: It’s not bragging if you can back it up.  Jason Kincaid posted a blog in TechCrunch about Social Media Education and the start of a new media school. The post has around 68 comments – and I cannot resist to brag about the comments from the Social Media Academy alumni about their Leadership class experience in the Social Media Academy. Here is what they say:

Catherine SherwoodCatherine Sherwood (@catesherwood)
I took an intensive Social Media Consultancy course with the Social Media Academy run by Axel Schultze (CEO, Xeequa). Excellent 8-week course (4 hours per week of a webinar and about 10 hours per week of homework). You need to already be into social media so that you know the basics, but this course gives you both lessons learned form real-life experience and a solid methodology. It also goes beyond just the concept of social media marketing to using social media in sales, support, distribution, etc. I am very process-oriented and believe that you need to know how to do a solid assessement, have strategic goals, a detailed implementation plan and be able to measure success and the Social Media Academy gave me a lot in these areas.

Rick SpecialeRick Speciale (@zemlak)
I also took an intensive Social Media Consultancy course with the Social Media Academy run by Axel Schultze (CEO, Xeequa) and thought it was worth every penny.
There are too many advertising agency hacks out there that talk about social media as a campaign and not as a business strategy. I suffered this when managing over 20 such relationships at News Corp in marketing.
Social Media delivers ROI as a strategy and part of the business process. To those who think it’s about ads – remember people hate ads! Take a look at the declining yields of ads in the industry over the last few years, that tells the story.
It’s not ads, it’s about ROI. ROI is realised by your participation in communities and what people perceive as value that you give them. Participation is a systematic approach combining listening, interaction and exchange of value.


Matthias BeckmannMatthias Beckmann
More and better education on SM is essential. I took classes at the and can highly recommend it. While others approach SM from a particular angle (marketing, sales, HR), this is a holistic approach that provides a solid foundation for consultants and managers alike.


Walter AdamsonWalter Adamson
What appears to be missing is the overall business planning framework for social media. If you can place the insights from these instructors into the robust business methodologies from the Social Media Academy then that would be powerful.
Walter Adamson @g2mCertified Social Media Consultant


Mike DubrallMike Dubrall (@mikedubrall)
There are lots of social media webinars, blogs, and “schools.” Some are good. Many are not. The Social Media Academy is only for professsionals that are ready for an intellectual workout – the application of new age concepts to real life business problems. As a bonus, you get to network with some of the smartest people in the business. If this is not appealing to you – go somewhere else to learn about social media!


Wendy SoucieWendy Soucie (@wendysoucie)
There are indeed other top notch educational resources for becoming trained for applied social media for business. After doing some research looking for some solid training for the B2B market place I am interested in and social media, I found Social Media Academy.
I was looking for a course with a solid methodology, framework and process. I found that with Social Media Academy. I work with technical product and service companies in what most people would call the corporate environment. It was important to me to understand how to assess an ecosystem for a client and then build a strategy. Not just use tools.
I was really tired by the Info marketing type approach by others claiming to provide training. I found those lacking substance and even the social media connection. I talked to two people who I connected with on LinkedIn and who attended Social Media Academy. Both people gave solid reviews about their experiences.
Social Media Academy Social Media Leadership Class was 8 weeks of seminars with group projects (allowed me to connect with people all over the world). I worked with the rest of the class of 15 ( a very intimate number that helped us talk with each other and have time with instructors) to prepare a group presentation on our research project results. I am now working on a paper on the ROI of social media with others in the class. There was homework that made you use the tools we discusses, research, take action, blog, create profiles, post videos and really explore social media in a real way. Everyone in the class had used social media already. The founders of Social Media Academy are people who started and grew companies, worked and still work in the corporate environment and use social media – putting their money where their mouth is.
I was not disappointed in my experience. This is the kind of education that those who want to be better consultants in social media should consider attending.


Tom SwiftTom Swift (@TomSwift)
Very nice comments and points Wendy – Good to hear about others that have had a good experience with the Social Media Academy (Axel, Marita, John, Adrienne) , the leadership class… connecting and working with other students.
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Social Media Academy Leadership Class AlumniTom SwiftOnline:

Nancy Chou
Nancy Chou

Nancy Chou (@nchou)
I’m a great fan and a graduate of the Social Media Academy run by Axel Schultze of Xeequa, based in Palo Alto, CA.
The experience very much reminded me of my Kellogg Graduate School of Mgmt experience, where I obtained my MBA some 20+ years ago.
To me, there are many social media schools, webinars and trainings available. Pick the one that best suit your needs. For me, Social Media Academy was just right. I like the 8 week/2X per week intensive structure, the high caliber of staff and highly motivated students, and I like the perfect balance of theory and practice vis-a-vis the homework assignments. I’d give it a 2 thumbs up!
Nancy Chou 


Thanks all for your great comments!


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