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Learn what it takes to consult a corporation in social media. This is not your how to tweet or build a fan page training. Become a Certified Social Media Strategist. Intro Webinar Recap

There is quite a difference in providing social media support to mom and pap shops versus helping a corporation rolling out a complete and well thought out strategy. A CEO of a 1,000 people company can’t just say “hey let’s tweet and have a fan page”. There is a lot more to building a better customer experience than that.

The Social Media Academy Leadership Class is the most comprehensive social media education for business.

You learn methods, models and frameworks to make a professional social media assessment, develop a sound strategy, create an execution plan and ultimately help a customer to create a better customer experience.

This is not your typical how to tweet or create a fan page training. The leadership class is for those who want to start their own social media consulting business or taking it to the next level.

The core elements are:
– Developing a professional Social Media Assessment
– Reading the assessment and create a SWOT analysis
– Create a social media strategy (SM Strategy Framework)
– Building a cross functional execution plan
– Social Media in sales, marketing, product management, service, logistics an HR
– Social CRM, Social PRM and other systems
– Structure development for larger corporations
– Team selection, skill requirements…
– The use of the 7 Social Media models and frameworks
– How to start and build a social media strategy for a large corporation

Social Media Academy graduates made a career for themselves. Either lead nationwide social media strategies, started a successful consulting practice or used the knowledge to advance in their current positions.

Next Leadership class starts September 8, 2010

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