Free Intro Webinar – Corporate Social Media Education Program

Corporate Social Media Education

The growth of social media adoption is not only continuing but actually accelerating. LinkedIn grew much faster in 09 than before and is now close to 60 Million users. Twitter quadrupled to over 70 Million and Facebook climbed to a quarter billion users.

The Corporate Education Program helps business teams to leverage social media for their day to day business activities. To help understand what we do and what we teach, you can listen to this free introductory webinar and get a feel for content, style and approach. Feb 16, 2010


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Where is my f***ing sales pipeline

As prospects moved from “ask the expert” to “ask the trusted network” Step 1-4 in an average sales process can simply be skipped. Sales is no longer part of the “exploring, needs analysis, customer qualification, solution exploration” phase – period.
The effect on the pipeline: prospects get in touch with a vendor at a stage where the prospect is pretty well informed what they want – the brand or product decision is well prepared and almost done.

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