Six degrees of elevator pitch

Six degrees of elevator pitch

For the longest time you were conditioned to have the 30 second elevator pitch down so you can tell anybody any time what the cool is about your business. That is OK and you probably will need it here or there. Much more important however is what is a friend of a friend telling somebody else what your business is about.They are probably not talking about your vision or your mission statement, they don’t care at all about your shareholders or your global perspective – but just what is “nice” or “not so nice” about your business. Nobody other that you would use phrases like “the global leader of rather something” or how you “change the way XXX is doing YYY”.

If somebody asks somebody else about the Social Media Academy I’d hope somebody who may be 5 degrees remove from me say’s “I don’t know them well enough but it looks like their students are pretty happy.”

Now – I’m not suggesting to “change” the elevator pitch you want to have for yourself. But I suggest you think about what you hope somebody sais who is 5 degrees removed from you.



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