Social Media for High Tech Channel Partners

Resellers want (and need) their vendors to help them with social media.  And vendors should jump at the opportunity because research shows resellers that are engaged with social media are growing faster than resellers who are not yet online.

A cost-effective way for organizations to help their channels become more productive is to sponsor their participation in the Gilwell Group Channel Social Media Enablement Program.  Participating resellers get all the help they need to use social media in a B2B environment. 

The Social Media Enablement Program is built around six webcasts that explain the basics of social media usage and provide “best practices” for achieving social media productivity  (based upon lessons developed by the Social Media Academy.)  Participating resellers are enrolled in a closed community to share information and review “homework” assignments. Social Media tools are made available free of charge.

Sponsoring vendors get everything they need to help their channels grow.  Vendors can invite partners (up to 1,000 per session) and use this sponsorship to reinforce their reputation as thought leaders in the channel.  Sponsors will be named in the marketing campaign and their logos will be featured on the registration landing page, the opening slide of every webcast, and within the community that is set up specially for this program. Reseller participants will be asked to connect with sponsoring vendors through all appropriate social media sites.   The impact will be faster communications and more productive partnerships.


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