What leaders do with social media

Why is Tony Hsieh Zappos CEO (online shoe dealer), John Chambers, Cisco CEO (high end network equipment) or Richard Branson Virgin CEO (travel) so much behind Social Media?
Certainly not because it’s hip. Did you read about their social media marketing campaign? Probably not – why? Because they are not published.

The best social media initiatives are the secret sauce of a company.

Companies may make many mistakes in all kinds of areas. But did you ever notice that  businesses with a great customer experience are always profitable? We all know that the best products are more often than not getting to the top in a market.

Social media is just one component in a companies weappons arsenal. But a nuclear bomb is only just one – the one.

So there is a reason why the top leaders in the industry find time to motivate their team, their reseller channels, their alliances to engage – find it important to put it up in their executive meetings and discuss it on board level. These leaders understand that social media is not a marketing campaign and not a tool in the PR tool box.

Social media represent an important behavior in our connected business society that holds a key to a better customer experience – leading to more advocacy and eventually a more competitive and more profiatble business.

February 3 we conduct a presentation – what the industry leaders know about customers and how they turn this knowledge into yet another level of leadership.


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