Partner Collaboration 2010

Indirect partner channels contribute over 65% of the overall business in the tech industry. Vertically or geographically focused integrator, reseller, consultants and other experts are the economic driver behind that industry.

If vendors want to have partners ’ship’ like this:
Big Ship

Than those partners need to have a bridge (vendor bridge) like that:

Asking partners to fill out deal registration forms on partner portals is just no longer acceptable. Successful partner organizations are running big ships and have on average 26 vendors some even 100. Making them successful means: Make it easy for them to navigate around the business oceans.

With the inception of web 2.0 and social media, partner collaboration can be taken to a new height. Not only that the older ways of doing things are really boring – they are also not efficient.

“YOU WANT THEM TO SELL – don’t you?” Partner organizations need a highly efficient system that they can navigate like a captain navigates a mega freight ship over the ocean. Partners need a bridge to all their vendors not a separate harbor for every provider of goods. Partners need to be able to quickly register a deal with any of their vendors any time – and even with multiple vendors at once. Vendors forcing their partners into “their” often complicated procedures – simply missing the boat – literally.

That’s why the Introduction of Deal Registration from companies like Xeesm is not really about deal registration as one of many programs – it is the change agent for a new way of partner collaboration.

The Xeesm team is presenting their new solution on March 2nd.

We learned from consumer companies like Skittle that websites and portals are no longer the primary landing place for customers. So why not helping business partners to spend their precious time with customers – not with single vendor portals, complicated deal registration programs, difficult to manage MDF programs and often times not even knowing the name of the respective partner manager.



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