Social Selling Part II

In part I we explored how well aligned sales and buying processes were just 10 years ago. We also explored the rapidly widening gap between the two in the last 5 years and how consumer and corporate buyers alike explore, select and buy products or services today. Selling into a highly connected business society has changed. 9 month ago I began to work on two cases, realigning sales. Continue reading “Social Selling Part II”


A Zero Budget Social Media Start

You don’t need a strategy, you don’t need an education, you don’t need a budget – to discover what social media means to your business.

10 Steps if you start from scratch

1) Find your customers in the social web
If your customers and more important, the influencer of your customers are not at least somewhat active in the social web, you can relax. But don’t superficially look around and ‘hope’ nobody is there and leave. We can tell you right here they are there.

How do you find out?
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Can you verbally explain how a piano sounds?

Now try to tell me how social media works.

Stop Evangelizing Social Media

About 200 Million people said it and about 99% of business leaders heard it. But what they hear is as compelling as you and me explaining how a piano sounds. Have you ever tried it? So let’s stop talking and help people hear it – in our case get a feel for social media.

20 Minutes a day for an educated decision Continue reading “Can you verbally explain how a piano sounds?”


If You Were Presenting Social Media To Channel Executives, What Benefit Would You Stress?

Despite the popularity of social media at the street level, many channel organizations have been holding back. Slowed by a potent mixture of financial, organizational, cultural, and intellectual impediments, some partnering professionals have not been willing or able to present a compelling case for social media investment. Instead, they have been hunkering down and hoping that they can be successful by working harder with familiar programs and tools.

Presenting Social Media to Executives
Presenting Social Media Benefits

There are exceptions. Social Media for resellers is now all the rage at some companies who have been smart enough to envision the potential of thousands of channel partners Twittering away about their products. They are not hunkering down. Quite the opposite. These corporations have incorporated channel partners into their social media plans and are moving ahead with social media training and program support.

There are reasons for these initiatives, of course. Good reasons. From our research, Gilwell has found there are three important social media benefits that channel managers are beginning to understand and quantify. Continue reading “If You Were Presenting Social Media To Channel Executives, What Benefit Would You Stress?”


Relationship selling Part I

For sales people, the social web is a blessing. If sales is all about connections and relationships, then social media is the best invention since trade 3,000 B.C. But as always – it isn’t quite that easy.

If you continue the beaten path of sales processes developed by our fathers, we will soon come to the conclusion not only they no longer help – but actually PREVENT success.

The biggest problem in selling into the social economy are our leaders and teachers:
People who built their career 10 or 20 years ago only hear from social media, put it into the marketing box and continue business as usual. More so, they force and train others to do so as well.

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Profitability & Customer Experience

I did some research over the past 12 month correlating customer experience and profitability.
The result in a nutshell:

1) You won’t find a company with a great customer experience that is not profitable
2) You may find profitable companies with a mediocre CM
3) You will find that all companies with a below average customer experience have no track record of profitability over a longer time period.

Take Cisco,, Star Bucks, IBM, Apple, WholeFoods, Zappos, Virgin… You find the correlation of a great customer experience, corporate culture and profitability across all industries, technologies, B2B, B2C, producing companies, service organizations or reselling businesses. Continue reading “Profitability & Customer Experience”