Can you verbally explain how a piano sounds?

Now try to tell me how social media works.

Stop Evangelizing Social Media

About 200 Million people said it and about 99% of business leaders heard it. But what they hear is as compelling as you and me explaining how a piano sounds. Have you ever tried it? So let’s stop talking and help people hear it – in our case get a feel for social media.

20 Minutes a day for an educated decision

Business leaders!

give your market facing teams 20 minutes a day for 4 weeks. Let them find their customers. Let’s say from 8:00 am in the morning till 8:20. That’s all. Stop guessing whether social media is good or bad, stop outsourcing your love to the customer, stop wondering what you really need to do – make an educated decision based on your own experience.

1) Your Sales Team
Let your sales teams find their customers – not only the purchase manager but the consumer of your products that influence the purchase decision. Then give the sales teams 20 minutes a day to visit the customers and learn everything about them.

2) Your Product Managers
Let your product managers find the most relevant market influencer, customers and industry experts. Give them 20 minutes a day to learn what is going on, what they write and discuss and allow your PM to build more market relevant products.

3) Your Support Teams
Let your support teams find all the experts and who is helping the rest of your clients in forums, groups and online communities. Amplify what your advocates say and reduce support load. Give your team 20 minutes a day to get to know the experts and let them help you.

4) Your Procurement Department
Give your purchase people 20 minutes a day to find the trend makers and learn what is hot and what not. Let them get their own feel for the conversation and place their orders based on real time market trends in addition to historic ERP data.

5) Your Marketing Team
Give all the above feedback to your marketing team and allow them 20 minutes a day to understand what your competitors are doing. Have marketing draw a realistic picture and stop outsourcing love – meaning social engagements.

In four weeks you and your teams know more about the social web than all webinars in the world together.

At this point nobody needed to blog, nobody created a campaign, nobody needed a strategy, nobody had a training, no fan page was created and no tools discussion ignited. Just hear for yourself how the Social Media Piano sounds!

If you like the idea, you may join the independent initiative



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