Social Media For Sales. New Program

Don’t blame your sales team for not succeeding – instead help them to understand how the “social customer” explores and selects products and services today.

The Social Media Academy introduces a new training: “Relationship Selling”, provided by the Academy Founder and long time Social Media practitioner Axel Schultze.
Check out the new class - all about the new sales success

The world has changed and our fathers’ sales process came in age. Sales managers always had to review their processes and adjust it once in a while. Only now the shift is bigger, the changes in our connected business society more profound and alignment is more important. While relationship selling is nothing new, the tools and models of engagement have changed with the ever more connected business world.

Review the

New Training: Relationship Selling

and think for yourself if this could spark new ways to build a more successful sales career and inspire you to bring home more business.

Axel Schultze was interviewed by Forbes Magazine as one of the first LinkedIn user in 2003
He was named one of the first executives blogging in 2005
He was one of the early users in Twitter in 2007
The Social Media Academy, which started in 2009 is already on three continents and had over 3,000 participants in the various educational programs in the first year. Come on and join us!



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