Relationship selling Part I

For sales people, the social web is a blessing. If sales is all about connections and relationships, then social media is the best invention since trade 3,000 B.C. But as always – it isn’t quite that easy.

If you continue the beaten path of sales processes developed by our fathers, we will soon come to the conclusion not only they no longer help – but actually PREVENT success.

The biggest problem in selling into the social economy are our leaders and teachers:
People who built their career 10 or 20 years ago only hear from social media, put it into the marketing box and continue business as usual. More so, they force and train others to do so as well.

Relationship selling is nothing new – yet the tools and models of engagement have changed with the ever more connected business world. Also our customers are more connected than ever before and they know how to ask others for their experience and find solutions themselves.

Selling into a socially connected business world
– Lead flow slowed down
– Customers connect with customers for experience exchange
– Knowledge and information is omnipresent in the Internet
– Price information are more transparent than ever before

Do a step back and think about your sales process:

  • How will you be successful if you do “lead Qualification” even so there are no real leads (other than purchased addresses)?
  • How can you be successful and call 100 people a day when all you can do is leave a voice mail?
  • How can you be successful sending out email blasts knowing that most people simply don’t care?
  • How can you be successful and make your “introduction” (because it is step 3 in your sales process) while everything is publicly available and known (unless you prevent your customers to find you)?
  • How can you do “reference selling” when the social web is full of highly approachable and outspoken customers of yours already?
  • How can you still believe that your “economic buyer” or “decision maker” is the only important connection while the actual consumer of your product is well established and influences the “buyer” more than anybody else?
  • How can you successfully plan your business and create a meaningful forecast when some of the deals just “show up” and others seam to never close?

Look at today’s buying / selling disconnect and you know why.
You can do this for yourself and will see WHY YOU CAN NOT BE SUCCESSFUL.

Xeesm Sales Process Model

The social Media Academy put a new class together based on 7 years experience around the social web – Relationship Selling. Yes, 7 years. 2003 LinkedIn started and was one of the primary forces in the professional side of social media. Learn form people with 7 year experience leveraging and using tools, developing methods and creating processes to establish new success in sales.



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