Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Thinking, Doing, Getting

Technology providers have a long and proud history of “ready, fire, aim” programs. In fact, many channel partners eagerly skip over the “ready” step to start firing their marketing gun as soon as possible. As for “aiming,” if you don’t know where the target is hidden, no one can say you missed it. (Unless you shoot yourself in the foot and your injury is visible to your boss.)

With social media, this approach is an absolute calamity. Things happen so fast and the results are so permanent that a misplace d shot can have disastrous consequences. For channel partners, it is not possible to have an effective social effort without thinking about it first. Otherwise you just end up with a lot of random Tweets, a dead LinkedIn Group, and a Facebook page with the wrong kind of Friends. (Not to mention a lot of sarcastic posts you wish you could just delete!) Continue reading “Shooting Yourself in the Foot”


Is your Social Media Coach Competent?

Like any other technology “revolution,” social media is attracting a horde of consultants, agencies, and service providers that are anxious to take your money or claim your market develop funds. Worse, it’s easy to waste your time with unskilled social media coaches that will neither bring you business nor improve the marketability of your products or services. So how do you know if your social media coach is capable? (or at least not a fraud!) A competence checklist is always helpful. Continue reading “Is your Social Media Coach Competent?”


EMC, Qwest, Partnerpedia Resellers Graduate From Social Media Academy

Social Media Academy Empowered Partner


The first graduating class of the Social Media Academy Channel Empowerment Program received their “diplomas” after completing a rigorous six week program and passing a final exam.

Apr 08, 2010 – Happy resellers posted ”virtual high-fives” across their social media spaces and set off to engage their customers and vendors in a more social and comprehensive manner.  This program was sponsored by Qwest, EMC and Partnerpedia to improve the social media awareness of their channels so they can connect with new, younger customers. Continue reading “EMC, Qwest, Partnerpedia Resellers Graduate From Social Media Academy”


Blog Spam & Macroeconomic failure

We do not use any Captchas to prevent automatic blog spammers because we don’t want to penalize our readers and friends. But it is amazing to see how much crap is going into our blog every day. Hundreds of  “comments” a day:

While resellers from Pfizer, Rolex, Adobe and Microsoft where the dominant spammer now new names show up:
Best Western is trying to sell their rooms
Volvo is trying to sell auto repair manuals
And numerous other products.

The top “comment” is
“This is my first visit here, but I will be back soon, because I really like the way you are writing, it is so simple and honest”

Hundreds of those primarily tracing back to India based marketing organizations. Numerous firewalls and sites blocked the number one virus producer .ro Romania simply on top level domain. India is harder because many India based call centers who migrated to spam centers use a .com domain. Yet IP tracing points most back to India.  I have many good friends from India so I wonder, how can a country with so many skilled people ignore their image development from an engineering powerhouse to a global spam center?

Social media not only has an impact on organizations but even on whole nations!



Is Twittering a Hobby?

A few weeks ago in the Channel Social Media Empowerment session, we were talking about Twitter and how it can be used in B2B communications. During the broadcast, one of the resellers texted me this question: “Since Twitter is still in its infancy, wouldn’t current Twitter use be considered more hobby-like than professional?” The message just sat there on the side of my screen without an answer, as I continued to talk about Twitter search capabilities.

The question annoyed me at first. It was frustrating that we had not successfully demonstrated that Twitter is already an important business tool for individuals and companies. The concept of Twittering as a hobby did not set well with me at all. It seemed to trivialized the impact of Twitter and all social media activity for that matter. What was this reseller thinking? Continue reading “Is Twittering a Hobby?”


Latest Social Media News

* British Research Institute Esnesnon releases new social media study:
38% of social profiles are shared profiles and shared by an average of 6 people,
Bringing the total number of Social media participants to 1.96 Billion which is greater than the 1.7 Billion Internet users.

* Polaroid is introducing a new technology expanding it’s instance development to instance publishing. The company is keeping a reference photo on site to ensure no photo is being manipulated.

* Ashton Kutscher is rewarded with the Golden Lemming for having the most followers

* Google’s Eric Schmidt posted a question in LinkedIn today:

Continue reading “Latest Social Media News”