Latest Social Media News

* British Research Institute Esnesnon releases new social media study:
38% of social profiles are shared profiles and shared by an average of 6 people,
Bringing the total number of Social media participants to 1.96 Billion which is greater than the 1.7 Billion Internet users.

* Polaroid is introducing a new technology expanding it’s instance development to instance publishing. The company is keeping a reference photo on site to ensure no photo is being manipulated.

* Ashton Kutscher is rewarded with the Golden Lemming for having the most followers

* Google’s Eric Schmidt posted a question in LinkedIn today:

“What would you do if you need to make our software products more successful?” Apparently the comment from Bill Gates was later deleted: “I would invest more in advertising”.

* Casio is introducing it’s first Social Calculator. It let’s you tweet your results. Then it adds the retweet rate and tweets the new result. The technology was co-developed with the institute of modern conversations IOMC.

* GE and Cisco started a joint venture and introduce the first Social Washing Machine. Its embedded flip camera shares your laundry on Facebook.

* The Social Media Academy is now offering Social Media Automation Classes, helping users to run completely automated social engagements. It also teaches to automatically respond to the engagement. That way social automation becomes a robotic ecosystem on its own.

* The institute of international language development requested Xeesm to change it’s name because of an increase in tongue disease

* The post of Restikistan supported dramatic reduction of spam mail after selling e-stamps for email. International email cost now $0.50 cent.

* APC is introducing the first sUPS (social uninterrupted power supply). It takes tweet streams and converts it to current to extend the battery life time.


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