Social CRM a strategy, a philosophy has it also technology?

Three CRM titans Bob Thompson, Paul Greenberg and Denis Pombriant are discussing probably one of the hottest topic in customer relationship strategies.

Bob Thompson raised a very controversial question:

Can you do “Social CRM” without Social Media/Networks? Or Without CRM systems?

Paul Greenberg wrote a profound point ov view, challenging the reader to think through what CRM really is supposed to do for an organization and their customers.

Thinking it Through Some More: More on What Else? Social CRM

A pretty surprising – or not so surprising counter post was written by thought leader and analyst Denis Pombriant:

Can you do social without social technology?
Denis Pombriant made it rather clear: You need technology to do something serious like that [CRM].

Now while there is agreement in one aspect: If you don’t develop a sound strategy, determine objectives and layout a well thought out plan, no tool will ever help you be successful, not so obvious is the question what type of tools do you use to make CRM in what ever shape it will be – a manageable process. MHO: I go with Denis Pombriant’s conclusion: You need tools do sdo something serious..

Probably the biggest issue of all is: At least so far: *There is no Social CRM system on the market* that could be disected and considered a reasonable contender in the new world. While some consider Twitter, Facebook… ‘the new CRM systems” no sales organization would take that serious. Those tools are important places to identify leads and converse with customers – but none of them have anything to do with a business process flow like traditional CRM systems provide.

Maybe there are new systems on the horizon that fuse the new and the old world in a way that allows the listening and learning but also follow objectives and help sales teams work towards a common business goal – common meaning a customers AND companies objectives.



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