The Social Business World Has Changed – Again

The social business is rising and it is rising fast. Social media itself has changed dramatically in the last 7 years (see my review) and the business challenge is changing too.

While the “social media marketing” consultants from the last 2 years are stuck with building fan pages, evangelizing to their clients “you need to listen”, “you need to be in the social web”, “you need to do this or that” the social enterprise passed that point long time ago. Continue reading “The Social Business World Has Changed – Again”


Social CRM in 140 characters

#SCRM Empower sales teams 2 strengthen relationships, understand needs, collaborate across company boundaries 4 predictable mutual success.

A lot has been said about Social CRM and what it may be. For some it is just a strategy, for other just some social features added to traditional CRM. For some it is about business rules, workflow, processes with social characteristics and for some it is just a reaction to market changes, and then it includes attributes like trust building and loyalty. Do we need yet another definition?

Well, if we are going to build a S Y S T E M to  S U P P O R T any of the strategy, philosophy or processes and more importantly include the social and collaborative aspect, we need to make some sound considerations: Continue reading “Social CRM in 140 characters”


Thought leaders in Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media Marketing

Social Business Executive Summit: How to Win in the Social Economy

May 25-27; 8-9 a.m. & 10-11 a.m. PDT Each Day

This virtual Summit features thought leaders in Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media Marketing from the Founders Council of SocialBusinessOne.

Over a three-day period, CustomerThink  in partnership with the Social Media Academy will host six webinars focused on social business strategy, customer communities, employee collaboration and how social computing will transform marketing, sales and customer service.

This will not be “death by PowerPoint.” Each session will provide plenty of time to get your specific questions answered. Bob Thompson, Founder of CustomerThink and SocialBusinessOne, will chair the Summit and serve as moderator for all webinars. Continue reading “Thought leaders in Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media Marketing”


Taking Social CRM theory and potting it into practice

In one of the Social CRM experts groups fellow group member Michael Brito asked some very interesting questions. I thought it’s worth sharing here.

The Xeesm team and their partners do about one Social CRM implementation per week right now and here is their experience:

1. Who owns social CRM (It’s easy for all of us to say everyone does, but that’s not reality quite yet; even for basic social media marketing)

Continue reading “Taking Social CRM theory and potting it into practice”


What Tips Would You Give A Reseller That Was Just Starting Out With Social Media?

Lots of channel partners are already figuring out how to use social media tools to better connect with their customers. Consequently these active resellers are becoming visible in the various spaces like LinkedIn and Facebook: posting comments, starting Discussions, and (most important) finding prospects. So we asked them to help their laggard colleagues by answering the question, “What tips or suggestions would you give a reseller that was just starting out with Social Media?” Here is a collection of their answers from the various forums. Most have been edited for space and clarity.

Giving Social Media Advice

1. I would tell a reseller that they should not allow themselves to get overwhelmed. Perhaps take one site at a time…Start with Facebook, or LinkedIn, and get comfortable with that. Then move on to Twitter, YouTube, etc. This way you are able to feel progressive as you go from dipping in a toe to jumping in with both feet, and you have positive experience.

2. Spend time on your personal profile. Always use your real name. Have a consistent photo across all profiles – it’s your new “personal branding.” Provide links to your other social networks and blogs. Make it easy for customers to find you.

3. The most important thing to consider, in my opinion, is that you must remember that whatever you put out there WILL BE SEEN. So be certain that you put your best effort forward, especially with your photo! I have seen some pretty awful photos. Remember that this is a really good way to make a great (or less than great) first impression. So be professional and make whatever social media avenue you choose to pursue your best effort.

4. Move faster. This is a critical time to get into the social media scene for partners. Not only does it show you are on the cutting edge of technology, which customers will appreciate, but you are getting ahead of the curve, and partners who get in on this now will have an advantage when it becomes common practice down the road.

5. Find and bookmark any blogs written by your customers and then leave comments. They will love you for it. Continue reading “What Tips Would You Give A Reseller That Was Just Starting Out With Social Media?”


A new “Social Divide” and it’s four factors

After the digital divide – I see a new “social divide” and it is rapidly widening. Social media is not something you “install” and then have it. While it is a challenge for some businesses it may have some devastating consequence for individuals.

Social Graph & Presence Factor

It takes approximately 6 month to establish a decent “social graph” and presence in the social web. Continue reading “A new “Social Divide” and it’s four factors”


Social Business goes mainstream

Do you still believe business leaders don’t get it and want to give some good advice? Think again. Last week I spoke in front of a group of executives from various industries. The speaker right before me talked about how important social media is for business. Somebody in the audience stood up and said:

“This is all very interesting but we are not here to learn how important social media is – we heard that in the last 3 years. We are here to hear how you implement it, how you create and execute a strategy and how you measure results.” Continue reading “Social Business goes mainstream”


7 Years Social Media Experience

Today is an interesting anniversary for Axel Schultze, founder of the Social Media Academy. I asked Axel to share his past seven years of social media:

“Seven years ago Konstantin Guerke, one of the LinkedIn co-founders invited me to join LinkedIn. I had no idea what he was talking about – but my instinct told me: “go – this is interesting”. My LinkedIn ID: 8573.  I wasn’t too embarrassed not understanding the full scope because he didn’t either! Continue reading “7 Years Social Media Experience”