Nice spam prevention on LinkedIn

Most of us noticed that LinkedIn groups are often times as bad as your email inbox – full of spam. No more conversations just webinar announcements and email catcher.

LinkedIn made a great move to alert group managers if an account has zero or very low number of connections and want to join your group.

Once you check the persons profile you will quickly see it is an account just setup to go into groups and promote whatever they can.

Here are some good examples how quality leads to become the largest groups:We run several groups and go through it with an iron fist. Spammer will be removed from the group with no warning. Now some group managers may be less engaged hoping to grow the group but that is a false thinking. The CEM Group is the largest group about Customer Experience Management but also the one with the most rigorous action on spam or off topic discussions.The same is with the Sales Best Practices Group. You will (like me once) get kicked out with no warning – despite the fact I was invited by the group owner but didn’t read the rules carefully enough. It made it one of the most prestigious and now largest sales groups. Still small yet the largest group around Social CRM is the Social Relationship Management group – same here a zero tolerance group made it to the top through quality.
Probably the smallest yet interesting group for those who run groups is the  Group Manager Group sharing best practices around group rules and ways to better manage groups.

The above examples show nicely that quality goes for quantity and top quality will lead to top quantity as a result – not the other way around. Good to see LinkedIn help those groupmangers who care to do a good job.



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