Social CRM strategy – counterproductive

There are a lot of discussions and endless posts about Social CRM being a philosophy, a strategy and other esoteric viewpoints. Hmmm – why is that?

First: The term Social CRM was coined by Oracle in 2008 – certainly not as an esoteric view of the world but a technology that is going to evolve in the future. Over time others chimed in and companies like Nimble, SocioToco and Xeesm began to actually build products from scratch and the traditional CRM companies will soon have solutions too. Social CRM = Technology.

Many consultants and analysts however pointed to the esoteric part of Social CRM for several reasons: Continue reading “Social CRM strategy – counterproductive”


Social Media Mistake #1

We see too many “social media marketing campaigns” fail. Worst of all: Agencies who developed those “campaigns” even continue to promote those as success stories and case studies, despite the fact that the campaign was a complete disaster. You hear from companies making millions over Twitter, you hear companies who are “wildly successful” with their fan page and you hear about brands as social media success stories who don’t even use social media but just have an agency running some activities.

Why do you think is that? Continue reading “Social Media Mistake #1”