The most unique hiring process you’ve ever seen

Consider yourself warned – this is not the way you typically apply for a job – but it’ll be a fun ride!

Xeesm is making great progress and is at a stage where we want to expand. We grew from 1,000 users in January to 30,000 in March and over 80,000 in June.

We are hiring agile people who can help grow our customer base even further. Check out our Jobs Page, learn about our Company Culture, and please review our (very unique) Hiring Process (don’t send us resumes).

Xeesm is not your typical company. Already in the hiring process you will learn that you are going to engage with a different beast. Because: selected customers and business partners will be part of the hiring process. yes, we live and breath social media and why should we be different when we expand our team. You will want to know what it is like working with us, our partners and customers and we’d love to get to know you but only in an “interview” but in the way you connect with us and our world. Today we are looking for a

Customer Engagement Manager


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