Apple’s Social Network Is Coming — Look Out, Facebook! (AAPL)

Steve Jobs one more thing In addition to new iPods and a new TV-watching device, Apple could introduce a new social network tomorrow. Look out, Facebook! Okay, it’s not a big, elaborate Facebook killer, so Mark Zuckerberg and company don’t actually have much to worry about. But Apple’s “Game Center” might take some of Facebook’s juice away in iPhone gaming, which could be a drag. Apple has been preparing a social gaming network for iOS apps for months. The company gave a preview of Game Center at an event in April, and we expect to hear more about it at Apple’s iPod event tomorrow. The iPod touch — arguably Apple’s flagship gaming device — is due for an upgrade, and now seems like a good time to launch Game Center. The basic features Apple announced in April include the ability to invite friends to play a game against you; have the servers match you up with a random person of the same skill level for a game; leaderboards; and achievements. We assume you’ll have a basic profile, and will be able to add friends in various ways, as other social gaming networks function. Apple isn’t the first to launch a social gaming network for the iPhone: Several already exist, such as Ngmoco’s Plus+, OpenFeint, and others. Presumably, Facebook would want to have a play here, given how successful its gaming platform has become on Facebook itself. But the idea is that an Apple-made social network, built right into the OS, could be more universally adopted, and not under the control of a single studio. (Who knows, those third-party systems may even link into Game Center at some point.) Bigger picture, better social gaming on the iPhone could make it a stronger competitor not just to other phone platforms, such as Android and Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Phone 7, but also to handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. And if Apple’s new living-room gadget has gaming elements, Game Center could be useful there, too. So what’s coming tomorrow?
  • It’ll be interesting to see if Apple got any of the big studios, such as EA or Gameloft, to adopt Game Center. It’s easy to implement, we hear.
  • It’ll be interesting to see if Facebook login and social graph integration is ever part of the Game Center roadmap. It’s not part of the first version, we’re told by someone who has played around with it.
Does Apple have any social mojo? Or is it too uptight? Will it flop like all the social stuff Google has tried over the years? Or will Game Center be the next Xbox Live? We’ll find out more tomorrow. Don’t miss: The iPod’s Amazing Evolution Join the conversation about this story » See Also:

Xeesm as a platform

Xeesm Appsworld is maturing and we are running first alpha tests with third party developer. We expect to open up APIs and the AppsWorld platform to external developer by end of the year.

Xeesm social business applications

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When it comes to business, social media newbies complain about
- Where to start
- There is so much distraction
- I need to be able to manage all that
-Yet – I know I have to deal with it rather sooner than later

What Xeesm provides:
- A methodology to carefully start with laser sharp focus on business needs – Social minutes
- A new way of interacting using a Social Address Book that helps you focus on the right people
- Tools including Xeesm/Flights! or Xeesm/Edge! to manage relationships in the context of projects, campaigns, initiatives etc.
- An open platform that allows you and others to add more applications to be run on your Xeesm

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Social Media Tools Week 2010

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The new site will officially launch next week.


Social Media Education – Is it necessary?

To many people, being social is a natural behavior and using social media just an extension. Yet others feel they need to know more than just polishing their network profiles and using the new media to blast out information. In recent month social media education even became a prerequisite to get engaged in consulting projects or being hired – simply because there are too many wonnabe “experts” and too less people with a sound understanding how to leverage social media in business.

In order to develop a successful social media strategy, try and error is not enough. Experimenting with the new media is nice but the risk to make mistakes and burn connections is high. Playing with one or the other idea is interesting but the contribution to the overall corporate strategy most likely insignificant.

How can social media education help company teams to improve their business ? Continue reading “Social Media Education – Is it necessary?”


All team mates need to be Franks and Scotts

Short after Frank Eliason left Comcast, rumors had it that Scott Monty is leaving Ford. But it was just a rumor – I simply asked him. Regardless, both Frank and Scott have been cheer leaders for social media but more importantly cheer leaders for better customer experience for their respective companies. Also – both were probably more popular and more widely known than even their respective CEOs. Continue reading “All team mates need to be Franks and Scotts”


Social Business is crossing the chasm

Axel Schultze, Social Media Keynote at ITAC 2010 I just came back from Australia where I spoke on several events about Social Business, it’s evolution and where we go in the next few years. It was great to see how advanced Australia is. Wherever I went, people are on LinkedIn, Facebook, many on Twitter and the days where most of those platforms where some exotic place for geeks are clearly over.

The world is booming

Like Australia also Europe and Asia is booming. I recently worked with some European companies and it isn’t any different. Social Media is becoming an integrated part of a business strategy.

Many consultants evolve too slowly Continue reading “Social Business is crossing the chasm”