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Apple’s Social Network Is Coming — Look Out, Facebook! (AAPL)

In addition to new iPods and a new TV-watching device, Apple could introduce a new social network tomorrow. Look out, Facebook!
Okay, it’s not a big, elaborate Facebook killer, so Mark Zuckerberg and company don’t actually have much to worry about.


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Xeesm as a platform

Xeesm Appsworld is maturing and we are running first alpha tests with third party developer. We expect to open up APIs and the AppsWorld platform to external developer by end of the year.

Xeesm/Appsworld already today provides a social business application platform and a series of applications including social relationship management, social customer engagement, a social [...]

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Social Media Tools Week 2010

Please help introduce the event to your business friends and colleagues Facebook Event: LinkedIn Event: Twitter Hash Tag: #SMTW The new site will officially launch next week.

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Social Media Education – Is it necessary?

To many people, being social is a natural behavior and using social media just an extension. Yet others feel they need to know more than just polishing their network profiles and using the new media to blast out information. In recent month social media education even became a prerequisite to get engaged in consulting projects or being hired – simply …

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All team mates need to be Franks and Scotts

Short after Frank Eliason left Comcast, rumors had it that Scott Monty is leaving Ford. But it was just a rumor – I simply asked him. Regardless, both Frank and Scott have been cheer leaders for social media but more importantly cheer leaders for better customer experience for their respective companies. Also – both were probably more popular and more …

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Social Business is crossing the chasm

I just came back from Australia where I spoke on several events about Social Business, it’s evolution and where we go in the next few years. It was great to see how advanced Australia is. Wherever I went, people are on LinkedIn, Facebook, many on Twitter and the days where most of those platforms where some exotic place for geeks …

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Social Media Masters Class

Join the most comprehensive Social Media certification program. Fall 2010 class starts October 1. The CSMS is about strategy development, planning frameworks and techniques to methodically develop and execute corporate social media strategies. With real world project exercises. Program Details

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