Xeesm as a platform

Xeesm Appsworld is maturing and we are running first alpha tests with third party developer. We expect to open up APIs and the AppsWorld platform to external developer by end of the year.

Xeesm social business applications

Xeesm/Appsworld already today provides a social business application platform and a series of applications including social relationship management, social customer engagement, a social address book and many other social business application.

Take a fresh look at how to best leverage social networks.

When it comes to business, social media newbies complain about
- Where to start
- There is so much distraction
- I need to be able to manage all that
-Yet – I know I have to deal with it rather sooner than later

What Xeesm provides:
- A methodology to carefully start with laser sharp focus on business needs – Social minutes
- A new way of interacting using a Social Address Book that helps you focus on the right people
- Tools including Xeesm/Flights! or Xeesm/Edge! to manage relationships in the context of projects, campaigns, initiatives etc.
- An open platform that allows you and others to add more applications to be run on your Xeesm

Check out the latest applications including Xeesm/Compete! and another third party product: TweetScrambler.


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