Blueprint for a collaboration system with the social customer

Gabriel Gheorghio wrote a thought provoking post about Social CRM:
Open letter to companies planning on using Social CRM”

It inspired me to respond to his question with a list of things we think it should have. It is actually the Blue Print list of the Xeesm design:

1) Customer need to have full access to the system
2) Collaboration between customer and vendor need to be easily possible on all customer facing units in an organization including sales, support, product management, services, logistics, marketing and operations.
3) It need to allow sales & marketing people to find customers in the social web instantly
4) It need to allow a buyer to find their vendor contacts in the social web instantly
5) With a full vendor / customer mash up – it need to be super simple
6) Avoid integrating and complex business processes, because we can’t ask a customer to follow them
7) Understand that a customer has many different vendors and the system need to be able to act as a vendor relations manager the same way as it acts as a customer relations manager
8) Every party need to be completely autonomous, yet share their contact data with everybody they chose to
9) The most basic functionality need to be for free so there is no “initial investment” for either the customer to communicate with a company or the company to communicate with a customer
10) Communication privacy settings need to be universal enough to be easy but specific enough to decide the level of communication on a per contact basis

Look forward to see what your list would be.



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