Location-Based Marketing To Reach $1.8B In 2015

https://tweetadder.com/wp-content/uploads/picture-25.png Location-based advertising is still in its infancy, but according to a new study from ABI Research, businesses are primed to spend $1.8 billion on it in 2015 as part of their overall mobile marketing budgets.
“It’s still early days and there’s no single ‘right’ approach to location-based advertising,” says practice director Neil Strother. “This remains a very fragmented market that is full of experimentation.”
How should a retailer begin? Strother lays out a step-by-step guide for the would-be location-based advertiser in the report. The main points:
1) Establish your marketing goals, as with any other marketing campaign
2) Analyze your customers’ mobile and location habits and develop your location approach
3) Choose location partner(s) and determine the best technologies for your brand
Execute your geo-targeted campaign, measure the results, and refine More>>

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