The Future Of Sports Marketing Could Be Online When you think sports marketing, many names come to mind like Nike, AT&T, and Budweiser, however it is Ralph Lauren that is changing the rules of the game with its Legends Clinic, featuring Venus Williams. Big time sports events marketing are usually outdoors not on the web. However Ralph Lauren filled their home page with a high quality one-hour production that had Williams essentially giving anyone who was watching a clinic. Those viewing online could ask Williams questions. “The concept was interesting from the beginning because of its potential to drive interest in the sport and to reach a larger viewing audience than many high profile televised matches will receive,” Williams’ agent Carlos Fleming said. “While I appreciated that this was an innovative idea, it really hit home when I witnessed fans from around the world having a very personal interactive experience with Venus,” Fleming said. “And they were having this experience days out from the US Open with the number three seed. The overwhelming feedback was a desire to play the game and a sense of better understanding.” If you missed the Internet broadcast, you can log on to to see the replay.

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