Automation is sand in the social gearbox.

Dick Lee asked today in LinkedIn: "We rarely see people as enthused as they are over social media. Among those recent rare times are: when the high-tech balloon popped; at the height of the housing bubble; just before the market crashed; and when Sarah Palin was nominated for VP. Hey, exuberance can be headiest just before the fall."

I'd say YES – the social media bubble is about to burst. People are recognizing already that the endless hours of watching the incoming streams from Twitter and Facebook or all the status updates on LinkedIn are hours wasted. All the paid tweets and people or agencies, who have been hired to tweet are not going to contribute to the bottom line. And the fan pages people build to get "fans, followers, connections" are just hopes that it will do something for the business – but it won't.

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Why Abraham Lincoln Thinks You Should Register For Social Media Training


Everyone has goals and objectives. Some of our goals are big (like successfully combining the channel operations of our latest acquisition) and some are small (like getting 50 people to register for our product release webinar), but they are all important to someone.   In those rare situations when all the goals in an organization line up, then you have a successful enterprise.

Judging from conversations with clients and resellers, one big goal everyone has right now is to improve their ROI on marketing investments.  Resellers want more leads, channel marketing executives want more product exposure, and corporations want to improve their market share.  Increasingly, achievement of these kinds of goals means understanding and using new technologies like marketing content syndication, video, online communities, and social media to increase communication velocity and impact. 

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The Social Media Strategy Framework

In times where 60-80% of purchase decisions are based on recommendations, the best leverage of social media is making sure you are part of the recommendation chain. And that requires a sound business strategy.

Social Media Academy Strategy FrameworkThere have been quite some discussions about social media strategies recently. So I thought I share what we developed over the course of the past three years and is today in practice by some 40+ social media managers and consultants in many parts of the world and vetted by some 20+ mostly corporate social media strategy projects.

Admittedly this framework may not apply to a small business below 20 people. But even there it may be helpful to see the components.


The Strategy Hexagon (six components) is based on two assumptions:

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