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  • Social Media and Advertising Agencies?

    Advertising is when one throws something at a mass and hope they listen. Social media is when many throw something at one and hope that the one is listening. So it looks like social media and advertising are orthogonal to each other. But since "social" …

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  • Social media start for your boss

    If you need to help somebody starting in the social media world you will notice three things: 1) The more convincing you do the higher the resistance 2) The fear of "not getting it" is typically stronger than curiosity 3) No matter how little your …

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  • Channel Empowerment

    This is a recording of Axel Schultze's keynote at Tech Innovators in Las Vegas last week. In essence: As 75% of world trade is conducted by indirect sales organizations, producers are better suited to empower their channels than developing a social media strategy for themselves. …

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  • ‘User generated’ Chief Marketing Officer

    >>> 'User generated' Chief Marketing Officer<<< was the recommendation of a reader when Heineken announced they will replace their current CMO – the third in a row. $100 Million in advertising and no success. Here is why: In accordance to a study that was done …

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  • How a tourist center uses social media

    Here is an example how a resort town is using social media to attract tourists *before* they make a decision where they want to spend their vacation next year. Tourists are much better informed about the destinations they are targeting. Long before they make a …

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  • The new role of the “middle man” in the social web

    I have the pleasure to talk about social media empowerment at this year's Xchange for Tech Innovators in Las Vegas today. The past years was filled with social media marketing conversations. The biggest challenge for many businesses is still to actually reach the end user …

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  • Sales just took a new leadership role

    Everybody wants to grow their business. But what can you actually do to make it happen? A) Think Most educated purchase decisions are based on recommendations and influenced by what people say about the product they purchase. Now here starts your first obstacle. Not enough people say anything about your product. In addition to that, …

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  • ROI From Social Media! Think Again?

    Thankfully, I think we are almost at the point of having serious conversations about how social media can be utilized

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  • Hospitals Hiring Social Media Managers

    In an attempt to cultivate closer relations with stakeholders–whether prospective patients or doctors who can make referrals–hospitals are hiring social

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  • Social Capital, Relationship Strength and Influence

    Business opportunities depend on relationship strength to customers, purchase decisions are made based on relationship strength to peers and other connections, product launch successes depend on relationship strength to market influencer, event successes depend on relationship strength to the audience – you can easily add many more examples. Xeesm is releasing an early version of …

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