The new role of the “middle man” in the social web

I have the pleasure to talk about social media empowerment at this year's Xchange for Tech Innovators in Las Vegas today. The past years was filled with social media marketing conversations. The biggest challenge for many businesses is still to actually reach the end user and have a meaningful conversation. Why? Because it is pretty difficult for a company with 500 employees to have meaningful conversations with 10 Million customers.

The social media magic for businesses is called "leverage". Reseller, Distributors, Dealer, Broker, Agents have created business success as mediator for the past 5,000 years. And that is not going to change.

The Social Media Academy is providing complete social media solution programs and is working with leading social media tools vendors including Alterian, Sysomos and Xeesm to help businesses leverage their partner ecosystems and provide a better customer experience to their respective customers.


  1. Marita RoebkesMarita Roebkes11-12-2010

    Let me share also an article by Joseph F. Kovar, Computer Reseller News, about Axels keynote today VARs Who Don’t Adopt Social Media Could Lose Influencer Role


  2. I am sorry to have missed your talk.  Thanks for the slide set
    Was your talk videoed [and posted to YouTube yet]?
    Regardless, regarding "Because it is pretty difficult for a company with 500 employees to have meaningful conversations with 10 Million customers"…
    Have you experienced a UserVoice community? Like UserVoice-built Seesmic Desktop 2 Forum?
    Knowing the community manager for UserVoice and your co-founder Marita Roebkes, coffee with the four of us, could be arranged =:-)  Say sometime next week? 
    Warm Regards.

    • adminadmin11-15-2010

      Good point. Yes, UserVoice are one of the ways to keep in touch with large numbers of people.

  3. Marita, thanks for sharing that article. Very timely and accurate, in my humble opinion. These are exciting times! Today's business people love to do-it-themselves using Social Media. That's the point, afterall isn't it? What can be done with clients, especially these do-it-yourselfers, who aren't convinced that they would benefit from outside consultation?

  4. Michael GreenMichael Green11-17-2010

    Clearly manufacturers would need to support a channel partner in either:

    Communicating value – where the product is unique
    Creating Value – where the product is a commodity

    To effectively support the channel partner; manufacturers need to support the WHY – the cause or intention underlying an action or situation, especially in the phrase ‘the whys and wherefores’.
    I posted more in my blog:

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