ROI From Social Media! Think Again?

Thankfully, I think we are almost at the point of having serious conversations about how social media can be utilized in most organizations, rather than still asking the question “Is Social Media just a fad?”. However, there are some massive misconceptions on what social media will do for the organization. As a result, often we aren’t even hiring the right skills today to build a competent social media presence. We’re also looking to measure social media in a way we measure other marketing initiatives, channels, advertising campaigns and media, but social media is neither a channel, marketing, media or simply an initiative. More>>

One Reply to “ROI From Social Media! Think Again?”

  1. It is always a pleasure when people within businesses "get" Social Media and even more pleasant when they are not hard nosed about ROI. Getting their initial attention, however, does require intense listening followed up with thoughtful ideas, engaging them in a dialog, and sometimes suggestions. Thanks for getting  me to think out load on this subject.

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