Sales just took a new leadership role

Everybody wants to grow their business. But what can you actually do to make it happen?

A) Think

Most educated purchase decisions are based on recommendations and influenced by what people say about the product they purchase. Now here starts your first obstacle. Not enough people say anything about your product. In addition to that, you don't have the marketing budget to make a big push. Don't settle with – "ok we are small", "we can't compete with the big boys" – yade yade yade

B) Decide

Decide that you need to find a way to make your existing customers talk and contribute to the recommendation volume. "They won't", "I can't force them"… is just not an option. Decide that you will take every step to get to public conversations – no matter how long it will take. It's the "Fly with the eagles or scratch with the chickens" decision.

C) Conclude

Conclude that you will engage with your existing customers. Develop a social relationship and have public  conversations that draw other people into it. It may take some time but you will get the conversation and a benefit for all participating parties.

Here is how:

1) Start with approachability

The best way to start a conversation is by  being approachable.
Take your Xeesm and tell your existing customers how they can reach you.
If they are not social help them to become social – it's one benefit you can provide

2) Initiate Conversations

You may write a blog and invite customers to read and comment
Stop sending out white papers. Have the content on a blog instead
Stop sending emails with news – instead point to the blog or page where the news is shown
You get the idea – create a gravitational force around your content in the public space
Use your Xeesm to send XeeNotes to your clients to introduce those news individually

3) Focus

Stop sending out manufactured mass mails which land in the waste
Create Xeesm Flights with 20 – 50 people and initiate very personal and individual connections
Visit your customers on their profiles at least weekly and know what's on top of their mind
Track the visits and the places to stay focused
Keep track of the objectives in your flights to not loose sight of your goals
Xeesm does all the tracking and visiting navigation for you
Every visit is an opportunity for a conversation

4) Provoke

With the conversations you are having by now you may start provoke your clients
Ask a provocative question and ask for comments
Let everybody engage and accept critical or aggressive comments
Create a situation of exchange, learning, contribution and rewards

5) Shift Gear

At that stage your clients began to open up and are most likely thankful for the experience
We humans are inheritably social – and people who help expand that skill are welcome
Asking your customers what they think about your products or services is now much easier
They won't be your marketing agency – they will talk about the good and the bad – but they talk

The level of cooperation between you and your customer will significantly change. Their influence will grow and you will need to be more responsive than ever before. The customer will shape your business more than you think – but that also means your customers will take more ownership and will be more involved in your success than you can imagine.

Xeesm Flights…

…also known as the "social spreadsheet", is only a tool and the relationship part is your major contribution. But Flights! will become your most critical management tool to execute your plan. Flights will keep you close to your objectives, reduces the risk of social media distraction and helps you focus on the most relevant contacts.


As you get your team behind the concept of socializing with customers you will want to understand their performance differences, level of engagement, relationship strength, contact intensity and the overall development of their social capital. Flights! can be shared and as such a manager can help the team navigate through the social engagements. Measuring and comparing social capital development, relationship strength, contact intensity are important KPIs in this new world and help managers further develop the skill sets of their team.

You can do all that on your own, create your own Xeesm and go. If you need any help, let us know and we are happy to support you and your team in any way we can. The network of Xeesm partners is around the world and helpful to support implementations any size.



(connecting the way you like)


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