Social Capital, Relationship Strength and Influence

Business opportunities depend on relationship strength to customers, purchase decisions are made based on relationship strength to peers and other connections, product launch successes depend on relationship strength to market influencer, event successes depend on relationship strength to the audience – you can easily add many more examples.

Xeesm is releasing an early version of its Social Capital Reporting system

Xeesm today released the first version of its Social Capital Reporting system. The Xeesm social capital score indicates the relationship strength to other business contacts such as customers, prospects, partners, peers, and so forth.

In order to calculate somebody's Social Capital, Xeesm developed a sophisticated algorithm comprised of network size, contribution and attention.

The report in "Contact Details" inside Xeesm shows the relationship strength index as stars, The aggregated social capital is the sum of relationship contribution (activities of the person) AND relationship attention, the attention the person received from the other. To make it easier to "translate" Social Capital for everybody, the report shows how often one engaged with the other in the social web. Hereby it doesn't matter whether this was a visit on Facebook on LinkedIn, a retweet on Twitter or reviewing a video clip on YourTube.


A two way street

It's no news that relationships are based on reciprocal engagement. Managing relationship strength was always difficult. Business managers know the great importance to learn and understand how relationship building works and good their teams are in relationship building. The relationship power or Social Capital influences business outcomes and therefor not only forecasts but also levels of investment, in time, money and resources. Xeesm's Social Capital reporting system is created to shed some more light on relationship strength from business teams to their respective contacts.

Developing and measuring Relationship Strength

Xeesm is one of the most successful social media business applications with probably one of the most advanced technologies, The Social Relationship Manager in Xeesm as well as Xeesm Flights now leverage the full potential of a Social Capital Analysis. Data aggregation just started in October – yet we see very interesting results.

Your Social Address Book

If you have already a Xeesm Business Edition, go to "MyContacts" and see who is interested in you. You also see your own engagement with the respective person. Stars indicate the relationship strength. Blue stars show you that you are putting more into the relationship than your counterpart. Red stars indicate you receive more attention than you put in yourself. Gold stars indicate that you are having a well established reciprocal relationship. It will take a while to really develop a deep relationship and that will be shown with platinum black stars.

The current version is only available to Business Edition users.

We are working on a new license model to provide this functionality to all Xeesm users for a low fee.

The CPU capacity requirements for those reports are pretty high so that we won't be able to provide the service for free. However for those with a license we provide the data for all connections whether they use the free Xeesm or the Business Edition.


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