Social Media Academy acknowledged as a top-tier social media school

Social Media Academy acknowledged as a top-tier social media school

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ,  Palo Alto, Jan 31, 2011 – The California-based Social Media Academy is, if nothing else, a training institution to watch.  In just two short years the organization has managed to create an enviable reputation in the United States, Europe and Australia for providing effective 6 – 12 week management programs covering corporate social media best practices.   A unique set of methods, models and frameworks are used to help managers create a thorough social media assessment, social media strategy, social media plans, using social media monitoring tools and implement a social media organization model across all market facing departments.  The result is a social media organizational model that unites customer-facing departments and provides tangible benefits to customers.

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LinkedIn IPO – Why it may fail why it may be a super success

LinkedIn announced a few hours ago they filed their S-1 document for an IPO.

This will be a very interesting IPO from a variety of perspectives:

1) The first US Social Media IPO
It's an important indicator for other IPO's. Being first is for another reason VERY important. If Facebook would go public with a billion $ IPO it would suck up a lot of available capital that would no longer be available to others. its blog.

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Social Media Strategist – Role and Responsibility

There are quite some controversial discussions about the role of the social media strategist. Similar to social media itself, when people don't understand, their first reaction is to call it hype and reject the thought.

There is no difference to the role of a Social Media Strategist.

But once you stand in a campus with 26,000 employees, 1.2 Million customers and a few billion in revenue you know that social media is no longer just some chit chat with friends. Once you see companies like BP or Nestle struggle with their ability to respond to a globally discussed issue, you know that Joe Social Media Consultant is hopelessly overwhelmed with any kind of help. And once you are tasked to launch a new product that is forecasted to produce $250 Million in the first year and launch a new corporate brand initiative having a $20 Million budget while at the same time need to restructure a service organization to create a better customer experience and knowing that the customer experience is dominated by the experience through 20,000 business partners – you know that most social media consultants have not a faint of an idea where to start.

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Social Media Academy Empowering 75% Of Global Business


Indirect Distribution Channels Go Social Media With Help From the Social Media Academy

Jan 25, 2011 – While many large corporations struggle with using social media to get closer to their customers, companies with indirect distribution partners like resellers, agents, brokers, dealers, distributors might seem to have it easier.  Rather than dealing with their own communication, compliance and privacy issues, indirect companies can simply delegate social media engagement problems down the distribution chain for their resellers to address  Unfortunately, it’s not as easy or effective as it sounds.

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Infographs – Examples – Future

An Infograph is an extraordinary way to tell a story with one picture. Van Gogh did it some hundred years ago and cave man did it many thousand years ago. But every major shift in our society brings new ways to tell even more of a story for an even bigger audience in just one picture – AND – infographs can be done by everybody. I had infographs in my text books – but back then it was rare.

Infograph is the art of telling a story in just one picture – and enable everybody to do so. It is NOT just a new way of drawing a flow chart, not just graphics, not just report data not just explanations – it's all together and it's more attractive.

Great Examples:

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Exploring how the Social Media Academy can enhance your business & your career

Spring class 2011  – Certified Social Media Strategist Training & Certification for Business Managers

We’ve made the presentation available here via slideshare:


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A Social Media Strategy Story – 3 years in the making

It all started with a surprise project in 2008 – I wrote about it on my personal blog and on some public blogs like Customer Think and Social Media Today. And as promised I continue writing about it.

Here is the whole story from the very beginning:

2008 – One morning…

… a small group of sales and service people from Company-Red realized that they could go to Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Groups and YouTube and get a list of all the people who were discussing the good, the bad and the ugly about their products. After spending some time and doing some digging, Company-Red realized that this list was basically their customer list with lots of insights about usage, problems, advantages and more. It was a shocking event as the customer list was one of their best guarded secrets – now publicly available to everybody. Of course nobody published the list but customer discus and explore solutions and as such out them as a customer of whatever they use.

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Amazing Social Media Presence Report

When we talk about social media, we often reduce it down to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But the 2010 presence report from over 100,000 business users unearth a very different picture. For instance here are the 25 top sites my connections visited me on. The biggest part is "others" meaning out of the approximately 35 sites I am present on there are a bunch more which are still relevant.

It was pretty surprising to see the rather equal distribution of many of the social presences I've been on. It was also amazing to see the strength of SlideShare, Stumble, and even FriendFeed who is now integrated in Facebook has a rather interesting portion of the visits. Honestly I haven't done anything on FriendFeed for a long time.

I asked other Xeesm users whether they are willing to share their reports:

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You will not be out of business if you ignore social media

You probably hear this once a day: "If you are not in the social web – you will soon be out of business" – It may come as a surprise – but I don't think so.

But still it's a good idea to look under the hood of the re-engineering process in our business society:

Today one can search "Has anybody Experience with…" and Google for instance returns 16 Million results. Just 5 years ago this question would have been irrelevant as there was an insignificant number of user generated content that would answer the question.

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Social Media Academy expands further into Australia

Social Media Academy expands further into Australia

Social Media Academy and iGo2 Group collaborate and bringing social media business education program to Australia

Jan 04, 2011 – Palo Alto based Social Media Academy announces its further global expansion into Asia Pacific through a collaboration with the iGo2 Group in Sydney Australia. Starting February 9, the Social Media Academy is offering its Certified Social Media Strategist program, Social Business Masters and selected focus trainings for sales and marketing in the Australian market. The programs teaches attendees social media strategy development, creating planning models and leveraging tools the Academy has developed in the past two years.

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