Social Media Academy acknowledged as a top-tier social media school

Social Media Academy acknowledged as a top-tier social media school

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ,  Palo Alto, Jan 31, 2011 – The California-based Social Media Academy is, if nothing else, a training institution to watch.  In just two short years the organization has managed to create an enviable reputation in the United States, Europe and Australia for providing effective 6 – 12 week management programs covering corporate social media best practices.   A unique set of methods, models and frameworks are used to help managers create a thorough social media assessment, social media strategy, social media plans, using social media monitoring tools and implement a social media organization model across all market facing departments.  The result is a social media organizational model that unites customer-facing departments and provides tangible benefits to customers.

Mario Paladini, Oracle Mario Paladini, social media evangelist at Oracle Europe, declared "I was looking for a top-tier social media education and was fortunate enough to have no constraints, other than it needed to be the best available. After some research, the Social Media Academy seemed to provide the most comprehensive training, with a sound background of experienced faculty members and a toolkit of methods, models, and frameworks that I didn’t see anywhere else".

Pierre MiceliGraduate, Pierre Miceli, former Dell Manager from France now managing his own consulting company said, "The Social Media Academy was the one institute where I found not only great social media training but real life experiences during the workshops and hands-on exercises. It actually helped me to start my own social media consulting business.  With this education I had my first contracts almost immediately".

Karen PlutheroIt appears that the Social Media Academy is not only helping established managers but also people who want a more diversified skill set. Karen Pluthero, today at Research in Motion was hired immediately after she graduated from SMACAD.

Karen Kirsi Dahl, a former advertising agency team manager, was hired away by 3M to manage integrated marketing communications — including social media — for a global consumer brand. "I wasn't looking for a new job but after letting friends know that I passed the class and received the certification, I had a job offer from 3M that I couldn't resist. Having a certificate from the Social Media Academy was what peaked the interest of the hiring team."

The Social Media Academy has delivered executive classes and trained team members at leading global technology companies, including EMC, Qwest,, and SAP.  SMACAD started with a spirit and vision that is standard in Silicon Valley: "We simply wanted to provide the most comprehensive B2B-focused social media education in the world". 

SMACAD lives by their own social media principles. The Academy has grown exclusively through recommendations.  Axel Schultze, founder of the Academy explained: "We haven’t' done any traditional advertising, no mass mailings or email marketing, and never made a cold call. The social web is a wide-open platform where people commonly ask others about their experiences.   If you do a good job, news travel fast." As for where he wants to take the Academy in the future; Axel answers, "We will see where the market wants us to go – we are pretty good at listening."

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The Social Media Academy conducts training & research for business professionals in all industries on how to best apply social media for the benefit of their customers & channel partners so everyone gains a better understanding of the evolutionary changes in society. The main emphasis is providing business managers and consultants with a comprehensive education on Social Media, including strategy development, planning, execution, measurement tools, and best practices in reporting and analyzing social media activities. As part of our course development, the Social Media Academy conducts research to monitor ongoing changes in the field and support the continuous social media learning process


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