Social Media Academy expands further into Australia

Social Media Academy expands further into Australia

Social Media Academy and iGo2 Group collaborate and bringing social media business education program to Australia

Jan 04, 2011 – Palo Alto based Social Media Academy announces its further global expansion into Asia Pacific through a collaboration with the iGo2 Group in Sydney Australia. Starting February 9, the Social Media Academy is offering its Certified Social Media Strategist program, Social Business Masters and selected focus trainings for sales and marketing in the Australian market. The programs teaches attendees social media strategy development, creating planning models and leveraging tools the Academy has developed in the past two years.

The Social Media Academy created a series of methods, models and frameworks for professional social media engagement across departmental and company boundaries. Models include a social media assessment model, a strategy framework, a social media planning framework, an amplification strategy model within a set of eight methodologies.
“Asia Pacific is one of the most active nations in social media and we made strategic investments to help bring it to the next level. All four founding members are certified social media strategists and we now bring the knowledge, methods and the experience to corporate Australia”, said Michael Green, CEO of iGo2 Group,

Social Media Academy founder Axel Schultze said: "Unlike many of the so called social media rock stars, who focus solely on the marketing aspect of social media, the Social Media Academy is providing a holistic cross functional engagement including organization models that help even global enterprises and their indirect partner channels to create a successful social media strategy. Social Media Academy customers include companies of the likes such as SAP, EMC and Oracle. With over 3,000 attendees from 26 countries, the Social Media Academy is a leader in corporate social media education.

iGo2 Group Social Media Academy PartnerAbout iGo2
iGo2 is a Social Technology product and services company. iGo2 helps organizations leverage the power of Social Media by innovating and building solutions. iGo2 uses proven methodologies, significant experience and talented people to build effective solutions for their clients. iGo2 connects companies with customers, monitors their competitors and manages their Social Media presence. Whether a business is already active in Social Media – but needs to do it better – or is just getting into Social Media, iGo2 provides everything from consultancy, to a smart, tailored, and fully integrated social technology solutions. For more information, visit

Social Media Academy Logo About Social Media Academy

The Social Media Academy is an education and research institute for applied social media in business. It is providing education for business professionals from all industries on how to best apply social media to their respective organizations. The main emphasis is to help business managers and consultant to get a comprehensive insights and hands on experience through collaborative workshops in strategy development, planning, execution, tools selection, resources allocation as well as reporting. Attendees get to use leading methodologies, models and frameworks such as the social media strategy framework, the four quadrant assessment methodology or the NCP model and other strategic tools to create successful social media engagements.

The Social Media Academy is based in Palo Alto, California. For more information go to



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