Custom Facebook Pages

As of March 16 Facebook changed the way custom pages can be displayed.

Here is what you need to do in order to post a custom page / custom tab. It looks a bit complicated as it is meant to provide a rich application environment and has a lot of overhead for just ading some custom tab. However if you follow these steps you get it done in a few minutes. Feel free to use the Social Media Academy test page to test your tab.


1) Go to the developer section and create the link between a page / content you are hosting somewhere on your own server and the facebook page you like to show it on.

Click on "+ setup new app" on the upper right hand side

2) Give your application a name

3) Click on Facebook integration (tabs on the left hand side)
Add a name under "canvas page" for instance : promopage

4) Add the URL where the content resides
For instance if you like to display something from
You will need to add (note that you will have to ignore the actual file name)
Call the content file index.aspx (not htm and not html)

5) Scroll down and give the tab a name

6) Add the same URL i.e. as the "Tab URL" — And submit

7) Click on "Application Profile Page" and on "add to my page" on the left navigation.


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