Social Media Strategist Certificate Course Completed

Social Media Strategist Certificate, Social Media AcademyWhen back at the beginning of February I posted about becoming a student again with the Social Media Academy, I thought I was in for a busy time.

I had no idea!

In fact, the course is so full-on, so demanding, that I’m now having to catch up with some things, formerly priorities, that I had to postpone.

During the program and since (while dealing with the catching up challenge!), I have reminded myself of the observation by Brian Solis in his book Engage! that for those of us who want to be leaders in social media (and I would say by extension want our clients to be leaders in the field) there is a cost, which is “that you go back to school for the near future in order to learn and acquire the skills necessary to lead your brand into the future.” (p xii)

I’m not complaining. Far from it. I’m in fact very pleased that we were given so much to study and that it was a serious stretch for me, even though I have been quite actively involved in the field for years now.

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Open Letter to New York Times

Dear Janet Robinson, New York Times CEO,

Today I was pointed to one of your articles on NYT and wanted to comment. But that was not possible, readers apparently can't comment. I liked what I read and so I wanted to at least tweet about it. I learned that I have to be registered to be 'allowed' to tweet the content. As you can imagine, I was quite surprised. There  are businesses to pay people to tweet about them and here is a company struggling for growth and making it so hard to interact with. I wanted to connect with you to share my thoughts but couldn't find you anywhere in the social web.

Please understand – this is not a rant about New York Times, or you, or the print media industry. This is about helping your industry to not only survive but grow. I trust your 2011 Annual Report could read quite differently (see below).

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What do you expect from Google’s CEO?

Google CEO Larry Page made a bold move to encourage his team to get social. This is remarkable and the responses so far are surprising.


Probably the most remarkable aspect is the fact that a Fortune 500 CEO puts a stake in the ground and declares being social is a strategic objective of the company. While other company leaders even prohibit the use of social media, Page turns the ship around by requesting to be more social. Many people, including myself, predicted the same behavior like with Internet, Personal Computers or Telephones in the past: The new technology was banned because of the fear of distraction, companies even invested hard dollars to ensure the use of the new technology was banned – then a few years later the same people spend hard dollars to encourage their teams to use the new technology and catch up with the rest of the industry – nothing has changed.

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Of course you don’t read privacy policies – well then read this

The number of data aggregation sites is exploding.

Companies provide free services to aggregate and sell social media data to marketers. This maybe a free business network, a ranking service, games and all kinds of services that look like fun, interesting, important – must haves…


Do you read their privacy policy? I guess most don't. Branch-Out was the first that just astounded me. Many of my network friends invited my to join, obviously not even looking at the almost empty privacy policy that basically stated that there is no privacy.

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Custom Facebook Pages

As of March 16 Facebook changed the way custom pages can be displayed.

Here is what you need to do in order to post a custom page / custom tab. It looks a bit complicated as it is meant to provide a rich application environment and has a lot of overhead for just ading some custom tab. However if you follow these steps you get it done in a few minutes. Feel free to use the Social Media Academy test page to test your tab.


1) Go to the developer section and create the link between a page / content you are hosting somewhere on your own server and the facebook page you like to show it on.

Click on "+ setup new app" on the upper right hand side

2) Give your application a name

3) Click on Facebook integration (tabs on the left hand side)
Add a name under "canvas page" for instance : promopage

4) Add the URL where the content resides
For instance if you like to display something from
You will need to add (note that you will have to ignore the actual file name)
Call the content file index.aspx (not htm and not html)

5) Scroll down and give the tab a name

6) Add the same URL i.e. as the "Tab URL" — And submit

7) Click on "Application Profile Page" and on "add to my page" on the left navigation.