Recap Online Management Briefing Social Media ROI

April 28 – Online Management Briefing – recap

High Impact Enterprise Social Media Strategies with ROI above 100%

Presentation PDF also available via SlideshareSlideshare Online Management Briefing ROI Social Media Academy

It's no longer the question whether or not there is a financial ROI on social media, but how high it can be.
Social Media Academy is introducing some "High Impact Strategies" to get ROI above 100% within a year.

– Enterprise level social media engagement models
– Social Media in the support department with ROI of 142%
– Social Media in the product management group creating an ROI of 167%
– Social Media in the sales organization creating an ROI of 337%
– Social Media in the marketing department creating an ROI of 525%
– Methods, models and frameworks to create high impact strategies
– Organization models that allow high impact ROI in enterprises
– Where to start – who to hire.

Audience: Business managers / Business consultants
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q+A
Takeaway: Get the big picture for high impact ROI on social media





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