Webinar recap 04/19

Exploring how the Social Media Academy can enhance your business & your career – Intro Webinar

Summer class 2011  – Certified Social Media Strategist, Business Managers – Training & Certification

Thanks to all participants in our webinar yesterday. In case you could not attend or want to share the presentation with colleagues or just want to refresh your memory, we've made the presentation available her:

I’d like to extend a big thank you to 2 alumni and graduated Social Media Strategists for speaking at the event:

Kinna Jonsson  Kinna Jonsson https://xeesm.com/KinnaJonsson 

Des Walsh, Certified Social Media Strategist, Social Media Academy, SMACAD Des Walsh*, https://xeesm.com/DesWalsh

*don't miss out on Des blog post about his experience with the Academy


Are you ready to take the next steps?

Starting May 18th

  • All lessons are on demand at your own leisure
  • All workshops are instructor lead
    • Wednesday (60 – 120 min.)
    • US / EU Workshops starting 08:00 AM (PDT) 11am EDT, 17:00 (Central Europe Time)
  • AU Workshops starting 10:00 AM Sydney time
  • Perform your free online entrance exam
    • Register by paying your tuition online
    • $2,250 Social Business Masters Class
    • $3,150 Social Media Strategist Class

The best way to learn more about the our classes and certification – talk to our alumni, join our groups on Facebook and Linkedin or give us a call 650 384 0057


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