Help Jackie get a scholarship

Help Jackie get a scholarship

Do it the fun way: Play Empire Avenue and find 500 "investors" buying min 100 shares for SMACAD by May 16

Obviously it is a game and no real money is involved

Social Media Academy decided to give one scholarship for the Social Media Strategist Class in every trimester for one person who is highly engaged in the social web and we feel deserves a scholarship for a variety of reasons.

For this upcoming class Jackie Coughlan was nominated for a scholarship.

Now – the social web being the most competitive place for attention, recognition, engagement, connectivity and actually fun is a perfect place to connect a scholarship with a bit of all of the above.

Here is the fun part:
Help Jackie find 500 "investors" in Social Media Academy Shares on the latest game:
"Empire Avenue" and buy 100 shares here:
Obviously it is a game and no real money is involved.

You can watch it grow on "Leaders | Share Price"

OK – Now – please help Jackie get her scholarship.


Short link to this page:


6 Replies to “Help Jackie get a scholarship”

  1. This is a great way to generate exposure for your academy! Jackie is a social animal and voracious learner.
    One tip/critique – 750 investors on Empire Avenue is an EXCEEDINGLY difficult task. This is akin to 100,000 Twitter followers or 2000 Facebook friends. I run one of the most popular profiles on the site, and it has taken me a month to hit 500. On my last account it took 3 months to hit 750 and I was #6 on the global leader boards.
    Prime example, TOYOTA has only 447 shareholders after three weeks! To reach 750 at all, much less in the allotted time frame, requires the brand clout of an INTEL (789). Jane Fonda only has 168! 

    I'm not trying to diminish your challenge but I think 500 or even 400 is a much more attainable goal, but it would still be a stretch to expect it.

  2. Ryan – I know it is not easy but it is doable. It's all about the power of connections. Jackie won't be able to do this on her own. But with the help of all of us – we can do it together.

    Here is an example: We created a report called MindShare report. We found out later that one of the largest and most powerful ad agencies in the world Ogilvy is issuing a mind share report. But it took a small team of highly trained social media strategist only 3 days to make the SMACAD Mindshare report top of the list and more discussed than the Ogilvy report :)

    But OK – I take your advice and put the mark down to 500. Let's see if we can all do this together for Jackie.


  3. So far we got 26 shareholders in 3 hours. We need 45 per day till May 16. So far it looks good :)


  4. Hi,
    I would like to help Jackie since I know her :) I have already invested 100 shares in Social Media Academy. My question is, if I invest in another 100, how do I make sure she gets credit?

    1. Suspiria – all credits go towards Jackie, no matter who and when somebody invests :)

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